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All buildings require access and evacuation solutions so that they are accessible to all.

Particularly with Government sites, you never know who is likely to visit from day to day. Therefore, the model that takes the largest range of powered and manual wheelchairs is naturally the best choice. This will ensure access and evacuation to the largest number, and most diverse group of people. It essentially provides the best solution for an unpredictable access or evacuation scenario.

If this is not suitable because of the stairs and landings, then look to other models. Often, buildings have staircases that are spiralised, flared or narrow and perhaps are concrete, carpeted, or tiled. All these factors can have a bearing on the most appropriate choice of evacuation and access equipment.

We have provided famous landmarks, such as Big Ben, with solutions to very difficult staircases. The example here being, steep, spiral, concrete, and very high up. It was not easy, but they now have a chair that can carry a person of reduced mobility safely down the staircase in an emergency. This could prove to be a lifesaving measure.

We have supplied other Government sites and offered real advice, considering a wider selection of options that are available. Often a standard manual evacuation chair, will just not be suitable at all.

Evacuation & Access for People

Evacuation chairs & stair climbers for people with or without wheelchairs. Offer people with reduced mobility (PRM) a choice.

Movement of Goods

Powered stair climbers for moving goods up and downstairs up to 600kg. Reduce injury to operators and damage to clients flooring.

How we can help you

Sales & Rental

Need solutions for an event or show. We have you covered. Also stair climbers for goods.

Training Courses

We will train you to use your equipment safely and effectively. Certificated training.

Service & Repairs

We will service any existing equipment you have, not just our own. Servicing you can trust.

Consultancy Service

We will can carry out a site survey and advise the best solution for your needs.

Enquire for further advice

Evacuation & access equipment can be confusing and often options are not clearly explained. With our wealth of solutions and experience we provide expert advice for your situation.

Individuals needs, size and types of stairs and landings. Are you going up and down? There are options to allow wheelchair users to remain in their wheelchairs and for those who can transfer. Choose the correct unit for your situation. One design does not fit all.

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