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A Wheelchair In Front Of A Set Of Steps

Evaccess supply crucial equipment and training at extremely short notice.

Evaccess UK is a company that has gained a strong reputation for bringing innovative moving and lifting products to the logistics market.  In particular, products for moving people with disabilities and products specially designed for moving goods.  Their range of goods makes life easy by taking the strain out of moving and transporting loads, as well as avoiding injuries cause by manual handling errors: often due to a lack of suitable equipment.

The company was contacted on the Friday morning 2nd of June by staff at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club, who were faced with a pressing issue that required an urgent solution:  a wedding was planned to take place at the hotel the following day and no provisions were in place for two members of the wedding party whom required special assistance moving around the venue.

Although the hotel had no lift access to the upper floor wedding suites, the mother of the bride was wheelchair bound and one other guest was unable to walk or down up any flights of stairs.

As to be expected of a company as professional as Evaccess, they swung into action and pulled out all the stops to ensure the dilemma was resolved.  Within just two hours the company had representatives onsite with a Super Trac TRE52 Stairclimber and an additional new wheelchair.

Furthermore, as an additional safety precaution, Evaccess trained a team of 4 staff members how to use the equipment safely.  Once trained, those 4 people were able to pass on additional training to different shift staff members because this model of Stairclimber is so easy to use.

It has been reported that the wedding went superbly well, with the guest being successfully taken up and down the stairs on several occasions.  Feedback from the guests suggested they were delighted with the transport options the hotel had offered them.

Evaccess collected the equipment on the following Monday and has been in consultation with the hotel management, who are now considering purchasing the Super Trac TRE70, as they realise what a valuable piece of equipment it is in their quest to provide access to all guests in the future.

The hotel still has the dilemma of having to always have access to these floors, but more importantly they have to be able to evacuate a person in a wheelchair that can’t transfer into a standard wheelchair, should an emergency situation arise.

Evaccess is the only company that can provide a complete solution for the hotel industry when it comes to access and evacuation, especially without any adaptation of the fabric of a building.

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