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Formerly known as Swallow Evacuation & Mobility Products Ltd, Swallow Emp and EMP.

Why Are We Different?

We work with you to meet your specific needs.

Evaccess was incorporated in November 2008, after research and experience in the field highlighted some key disadvantages of the most popular manual Evacuation Chairs available on the market at that time.

We wanted to provide answers and solutions to these important questions:

  • What happens to those who cannot self-transfer or who cannot be transferred?
  • And to those individuals that must abandon their wheelchair, and then cannot continue onward travel independently, once outside?
  • What happens if an evacuation is upstairs, or the issue is with general access?
  • What happens in the event of a lift breakdown?
  • What happens if you have flared or spiral stairs?
  • What happens on external stairs or outdoor terrain?
  • And what happens if you have a listed building that cannot be permanently altered aesthetically?

Over the years since, we have helped individuals and organisations become more aware of the complex issues surrounding evacuation and access for PRM. Providing more variation in Evac Chairs, Stair Climbers and additional products to improve safety when navigating in or out of a building for people with reduced mobility (PRM), across the UK and Ireland.

We have working solutions that will take wheelchairs, both manual and powered, to ascend and descend stairs. Solutions that still work in emergencies, when lifts break-down, and solutions that mean there is access and evacuation down spiral staircases, narrow staircases and on out-door terrain. Our powered chairs also reduce the risk of injury for assisting parties and reduce the pressure on the Fire Service in an emergency.

We consistently try to give everyone we speak to a full and comprehensive understanding of the products now available on the market, before any critical decisions are made, to ensure that everyone has the necessary confidence in choosing their own right solution for evacuation and access.


We work alongside Antano, Bartels and Sunwa.

Meet Our Team

Evaccess team

Our director Greg was working in the lift industry for many years when he realised that some people with reduced mobility (PRM), were not being properly considered. He did not agree with discrimination of any kind, and as a result, found solutions from Bartels (Sunwa) initially, and then powered Stair Climbers to ascend and descend stairs.

His partner Julia carried out various roles in the company’s early days. Then in 2013, due to the growth of Evaccess, she left her previous employment to work full-time. Julia is well known for her passion in ensuring the right people get the right equipment for their needs.

Greg and Julia are both joint directors of the company.

Dave, our senior engineer, has vast knowledge of Lifts, Evacuation Chairs and Stair Climbers. He services all makes and models. He has worked with Evaccess for many years.

Craig is our engineer who has a vast knowledge of Lifts, Evacuation Chairs and Stair Climbers. He services all makes and models. He has worked with Evaccess since 2023.

Company Details

Trading Name – Evaccess
Company Name – Swallow Evacuation & Mobility Products Ltd.
Company Number – 06755666
ICO – ZA058501 – registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office all DBS checked – enhanced
Trademark – UK00003195470

Certificates and Affiliations

DBS checked
Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

Evacuation & Access for People

Evacuation chairs & stair climbers for people with or without wheelchairs. Offer people with reduced mobility (PRM) a choice.

Movement of Goods

Powered stair climbers for moving goods up and downstairs up to 600kg. Reduce injury to operators and damage to clients flooring.

How we can help you

Sales & Rental

Need solutions for an event or show. We have you covered. Also stair climbers for goods.

Training Courses

We will train you to use your equipment safely and effectively. Certificated training.

Service & Repairs

We will service any existing equipment you have, not just our own. Servicing you can trust.

Consultancy Service

We will can carry out a site survey and advise the best solution for your needs.

Enquire for further advice

Evacuation & access equipment can be confusing and often options are not clearly explained. With our wealth of solutions and experience we provide expert advice for your situation.

Individuals needs, size and types of stairs and landings. Are you going up and down? There are options to allow wheelchair users to remain in their wheelchairs and for those who can transfer. Choose the correct unit for your situation. One design does not fit all.

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