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A Young Girl Sitting In Her Wheelchair

Frederick Bremer School

The lift at our school had broken down and required a long repair, our school has special needs students that would not have been able to attend their lessons as normal if we did not find another solution. After extended research I found a solution that would have solved all our problems, the Supertrack Major Tre70, a stair climber that would mean the students that were in a wheelchair would not have to get off the chair to get to other floors, this would cause less stress to the students and minimise any risks, the bonus was that it can also be used in a fire evacuation.

The Case

The school had a disabled student who was having to use stairlifts to move between his lessons as they were on different floors of the school and their lift was out of action. He felt this was undignified and the school wanted to take action, and find a better solution for him.

What we found

The wheelchair that the student was using and the stairs in the school was most suited to our TRE70. A portable self levelling stair climber that goes both up and down stairs carrying a maximum weight of 230kg. This machine can carry both manual and powered wheelchairs making it suitable for not only this student, but for students with reduced mobility that may join the school in the future.

Our solution

The TRE70 met all the requirements and meant that the student no longer was required to make the tricky transfer from his chair to the lift, with somebody behind him carrying the chair. Our kit allowed the student to quickly and easily transfer between floors with dignity.

What we used

Super Trac TRE-70 Powered Stair Climber

The world’s first portable stair climber with unique self levelling platform. Provides maximum dignity for the user.

TRE70 powered stairclimber model


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