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Emergency Evacuations

Evaccess: Emergency Evacuations – A Focus on Pioneering Safe and Accessible Theme Park Adventures – 2 Examples.

Evaccess: Pioneering Safe and Accessible Theme Park Adventures and Emergency Evacuations

When the excitement and thrill of a theme park ride ends, ensuring every guest can safely disembark is a top priority. This is an area of speciality for Evaccess who recently came to the assistance of Legoland.

Whether it’s a towering roller coaster or a gentle water ride, each ride needs to be equipped with safe and efficient emergency evacuation solutions. It’s not just about responding to emergencies; it’s about pre-emptive care and consideration.

Our foundational experience in theme park safety originated from conducting a site assessment at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, leading to significant site-wide enhancements for emergency evacuations.

This experience equipped us with the expertise and insights that Legoland sought when they approached us for assistance during their hour of need.

You can find our comprehensive range of exclusive evacuation chairs and stair climbers that we used at Legoland here:

Knowledge Empowers Safety for Emergency Evacuations

The charm of theme parks like Legoland are obvious, but people can be apprehensive.

The experience of a theme park should be inclusive and safe for all, which is a complex task when it comes to the specifics of disembarking from various rides.

This is where Evaccess’s expertise truly stands out.

Our collaboration with experts in various evacuation scenarios, particularly those skilled in working at height, is essential for venues like theme parks. This expertise in coordinating with specialists allowed us to incorporate accessibility enhancements, including specialised evacuation chairs, across Legoland’s attractions. As a result, every guest, irrespective of their mobility level, can enjoy a sense of inclusion and safety.

The Evaccess Approach included:

  • Theme Park Survey: We firstly undertook a comprehensive understanding of each ride to identify potential mobility barriers.
  • Selection of the Right Unit: We identified the unit that perfectly aligned with each ride’s requirements, ensuring optimal safety and mobility.
  • Training to Use Units: We ensured the team were fully equipped to operate each unit effectively and confidently.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Our commitment extends beyond installation, providing regular maintenance to keep each unit in peak condition.


An integral part of our mission at Evaccess is education.

We ensure that theme park staff are not just workers, but guardians of safety, trained to handle any situation with care and efficiency. Their readiness is front and centre, ensuring that every guest is in safe hands, especially those with mobility concerns.

This is very important to a brand as big as Legoland and thanks to Evaccess, they are now leaders when it comes to theme park accessibility and emergency evacuations.

 The Evaccess Promise for Emergency Evacuations

We at Evaccess don’t just offer products; we offer a promise.

A promise of an all-encompassing, safe theme park experience. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that theme parks are equipped to welcome every guest with open arms and the assurance of safety.

Explore how we can help you by starting our easy 5-step plan to identify mobility challenges that your organisation needs to address urgently.

Creating safer and more inclusive environments should be a priority today and you can ensure that your building is not only ready for emergency evacuations but also truly accessible for everyone. 

The Evaccess 5 Step Plan includes:  

  • Consultation and Site Survey: We dive deep into understanding your building’s layout and identify potential mobility barriers.  
  • PEEPS and GEEPS Online Training: We empower your team with essential safety principles through our comprehensive online courses.  
  • Selection of the Right Unit: Identify the unit that perfectly aligns with your building’s requirements, ensuring optimal safety and mobility.   
  • Training to Use Units: We ensure your team is fully equipped to operate these units effectively and confidently.   
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Our commitment extends beyond installation, providing regular maintenance to keep your units in peak condition.  

We believe in solutions that cater to your building’s unique needs.   

Click here to start our easy 5-step plan for identifying mobility challenges in your building.

Safety is a journey, and with Evaccess, it’s a journey taken together.

Act now!

Get In. Get Out. Together.

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