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COVID-19 NOTICE: Your safety is our NUMBER ONE priority. Therefore, we are fully implementing social distancing measures on our training courses. We also have the ability to train using a ‘dummy’ so that people can still train with a government advised distance.

Evaccess offer you training on the use of your Evac Chairs and Stair Climbers
We offer two types of certificated training:

Operator Training

  • Fully certificated
  • 4-5 people in one session taking approx. 90-120 minutes.
  • Direct training for all individuals attending.
  • Training can be provided on inside, outside, straight, flared, or spiral staircases.

Train the Trainer

  • Fully certificated
  • 3-4 people to cover operator training and how they should cascade the training down to others.
  • The course will give you the confidence and tools to pass on the training you have had to others.
  • Training can be provided on inside, outside, straight, flared, or spiral staircases.

Firstly, training on Evac Chairs and Stair Climbers* is a hands-on training session and the volunteers participating should be physically capable of operating the unit and wearing suitable footwear.

Secondly, training is conducted on your site so that you are practising on your personal stairs and landings and getting to know your turns.

Thirdly, it is also important that the people who may need to use the Evacuation Chair/s* are present so that they are aware of how they work and if for any reason they do not feel that the chair that you have is suitable, then we can advise on the best chair for their needs.

Furthermore, as you are taking people up and downstairs and to a place of safety, away from your building, then it is vital that it is tangible training. Most importantly, A CD or video cannot teach you about physically using a piece of equipment or how the equipment reacts in different situations. It is also vital to maintain good interaction with the person in the Evac Chair or Stair Climber, as this will give you the necessary confidence to take responsibility for someone’s safe evacuation or access.

Training with social distancing

We can arrange to cut down numbers who we can train in a session and us a 50kg dummy to simulate a person’s presence in the evacuation chair or stair climber. We still need the operative to have the hands-on experience of using the unit with weight i.e the dummy. We would sanitise the unit where contact is made between users. We can conduct the training externally with most models, but we should be able to maintain a safe distance internally as well.

Why is Train the Trainer different to Operator Training?

Train the trainer, unlike operator training enables you to cascade the training to others meaning you can provide in house training.

We put safety first…

We make sure every one of our trainees fully understands the necessary safety precautions involved with each piece of equipment.

We deal hands on…

We make sure everyone who is trained can physically use/move/handle the equipment. No sitting in a classroom or watching a demonstration.

We are time conscious…

We know you don’t want to waste time and money. Evaccess get you from beginner to competent in 1-2 hours. Our training is focused and specific.

Going forward after training…

Practice regularly on your Evacuation Chair(s) and/or Stair Climber(s)* to maintain the right level of confidence and competency.
Ensure you refresh training for new staff members.
Call us for annual servicing to maintain the quality and safety of your machines.

Good practice normally would mean re-certification a minimum every two years.

Evacuation & Access for People

Evacuation chairs & stair climbers for people with or without wheelchairs. Offer people with reduced mobility (PRM) a choice.

Movement of Goods

Powered stair climbers for moving goods up and downstairs up to 600kg. Reduce injury to operators and damage to clients flooring.

How we can help you

Sales & Rental

Need solutions for an event or show. We have you covered. Also stair climbers for goods.

Training Courses

We will train you to use your equipment safely and effectively. Certificated training.

Service & Repairs

We will service any existing equipment you have, not just our own. Servicing you can trust.

Consultancy Service

We will can carry out a site survey and advise the best solution for your needs.

Enquire for further advice

Evacuation & access equipment can be confusing and often options are not clearly explained. With our wealth of solutions and experience we provide expert advice for your situation.

Individuals needs, size and types of stairs and landings. Are you going up and down? There are options to allow wheelchair users to remain in their wheelchairs and for those who can transfer. Choose the correct unit for your situation. One design does not fit all.

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