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The management of buildings is a very serious consideration. It means, looking after the fabric of the building and having responsibility over the service and facilities that you offer inside the building. This could be down to the business owner or a Facilities Management Company.

To make things easier, we offer a large range of Stair Climbers and Evacuation Chairs that will enable you to offer a safe solution to access and evacuation for Persons of Reduced Mobility (PRM). We have options that allow people in manual and powered wheelchairs to remain in their wheelchairs, some individuals cannot be transferred without a significant additional risk to their health. For those who can transfer, the whole range is potentially suitable, it can give more adequate solutions to likely issues such as, independent onward travel. For tackling spiral, flared, or narrow stairs we have different models available.

Do not forget, access is often going upstairs, and therefore powered models are frequently required. Most of our range is powered making it extremely versatile. It can be used for a variety of applications. Restriction on applications is in people’s minds, not in the mind of the machine.

There is often a need to move goods around buildings, and up and down stairs. We also offer Stair Climbers to prevent any damage to the fabric of your building, as they are powered. They minimalize any lifting or weight bearing, reducing the likelihood of injury to people using the equipment to move heavy loads or individuals. They each take very substantial weights, but some models can take more than others.

The cost of the appropriate powered unit is far less than injury claims, time off work, etc.

People who are responsible in the building need to ensure that there are sufficient people trained and competent in the use of the Evacuation Chairs and Stair Climbers. Also, that the units are serviced on an annual basis by Evaccess engineers. We can service all makes and models.

A Site Assessment will confirm what units are suitable for the people using your building.

Evacuation & Access for People

Evacuation chairs & stair climbers for people with or without wheelchairs. Offer people with reduced mobility (PRM) a choice.

Movement of Goods

Powered stair climbers for moving goods up and downstairs up to 600kg. Reduce injury to operators and damage to clients flooring.

How we can help you

Sales & Rental

Need solutions for an event or show. We have you covered. Also stair climbers for goods.

Training Courses

We will train you to use your equipment safely and effectively. Certificated training.

Service & Repairs

We will service any existing equipment you have, not just our own. Servicing you can trust.

Consultancy Service

We will can carry out a site survey and advise the best solution for your needs.

Enquire for further advice

Evacuation & access equipment can be confusing and often options are not clearly explained. With our wealth of solutions and experience we provide expert advice for your situation.

Individuals needs, size and types of stairs and landings. Are you going up and down? There are options to allow wheelchair users to remain in their wheelchairs and for those who can transfer. Choose the correct unit for your situation. One design does not fit all.

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