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Where can you try out the latest fire evacuation equipment?

With fire evacuation being a pressing issue for Health & Safety officers there’s no time like the present to try out the ultra-modern evacuation equipment being offered by Evaccess.  The company will be on hand to demonstrate their products at a number of shows throughout the UK in the coming months (details further down the page).

Evaccess offers more than 10 models of stair climbers and evacuation chairs for people and goods. The company takes into account what is best for your needs and work with you to find the correct solution.  The main focus of Evaccess is to provide solutions to tackle fire evacuation, access & egress, and reduce injuries arising from carrying loads.

As well as being renowned as a supplier of evacuation chairs and stair climbers for people and goods, Evaccess also offers expert advice on the correct solutions for Access and Evacuation. Many businesses are simply unaware of the powered options that offer dignity for those with mobility issues. The company are advocates when it comes to equality for all and feel it’s important to get their message across, so that people do not try and take anyone’s wheelchair away.

Their product range includes stair climbers and evacuation chairs that are designed for use both up and down stairs, some of which are powered, others are manual.  With a mixture of stair designs used in buildings in the UK, the company has products suited for use on straight, spiral and flared stairs.  A selection of products are able to take manual and powered wheelchairs up to 230kg.

An often overlooked, but extremely important, reason for universities and business premises to install these products is to offer equal access and egress for disabled people.  This is something that is covered by legislation and such venues may not yet be aware of their legal obligations.

In addition to moving people, the company also offers solutions for moving goods.  This ensures the safe delivery of goods to clients without injuring operators or damaging client’s stairs and floors.  Evaccess sell Stair climbers which take goods up and down stairs up to 600kg in weight.

Show dates, venues and stand numbers

Date Title Venue Stand
6-7 March FM Ireland RDS C33
10-12 April S&H NEC HS98
25-27 April USHA Spring Exeter n/a
24-25 May USHA Fire Burton On Trent n/a
19-21 June FM Excel R455
10-11 July USHA Estates Nottingham n/a

At the Evaccess stand you will find:

  • Models for straight, spiral and flared stairs, powered and manual operation
  • Models so people can remain in their powered or manual wheelchairs
  • Models for those who can transfer
  • Flex Step – change from stairs to platform lift
  • Direct Mii App / Evacuation App – takes people via safe routes
  • A variety of Powered stair climbers to take different loads
  • Powered sack trolleys – reduce fatigue
  • Goods stair climbers for ESCALATORS, stairs and flat surfaces

Visit for further product information.

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