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A Call to Action: 1 Important Lesson from Beechmere – Ensuring Fire Safety in Housing Facilities.


In the quiet town of Crewe, a devastating fire ravaged the Beechmere retirement village on August 8, 2019. This catastrophic event, one of the largest ever tackled by the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of fire safety in housing facilities. This article explores the repercussions of neglecting fire safety measures and the urgent need for compliance and proactive action.


The Beechmere fire was a tragedy of immense proportions. Over 150 elderly residents lost not just their homes but a lifetime of memories in mere hours. Despite the fortunate absence of physical injuries, the emotional and psychological toll on the residents was immeasurable. At its peak, the firefighting effort saw a deployment of 70 brave firefighters, battling to control the raging inferno.

The Aftermath and Investigation

In the wake of the fire, the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service embarked on a rigorous investigation to uncover the origins of the fire and any breaches of fire safety legislation. The investigation was lengthy and complex due to the fire’s scale and the number of parties involved and has recently culminated in a significant development.

Six companies are now facing charges for failing to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in relation to the Beechmere fire.

At Evaccess, we encourage organisations to take a proactive stance by installing evacuation solutions, such as specialised fire safety evacuation chairs and assistive lifts.

These devices ensure that all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities, have access to a safe and effective means of escape in an emergency situation. Portable and easy to deploy, these devices do not necessitate structural changes to the building, making them practical and immediate safeguards.

We provide a range of state-of-the-art evacuation chairs and stair climbers, designed to enhance safety protocols effectively.

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The Role of Evacuation Equipment in Fire Safety

The Beechmere incident underscores the catastrophic consequences of disregarding vital safety measures. Clearly, the issue extends beyond just a few retirement villages; every care facility must be adequately equipped with the necessary safety measures. These organisations need to surpass basic requirements, going beyond just checking off boxes or wishing problems will disappear!

In fact we were approached to conduct training for 35 evacuation chairs for Beechmere, which led to us conducting three training sessions across three different sites to educate their trainers. Following these sessions, they chose to purchase a variety of products from us to assist in resident evacuations. This demonstrates our ability to provide timely and crucial support during their urgent need for device training.

The path to heightened safety is direct and essential. Collaboration with fire safety experts and evacuation consultants is invaluable in pinpointing vital evacuation equipment and the steps taken today towards ensuring safety resonate into a more secure tomorrow.

The message is clear: Act now for a safer future.

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Evaccess stands as a one-stop-shop solution, adept in addressing every facet of fire safety and emergency evacuation.

We at Evaccess don’t just offer products; we offer a promise.

Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that buildings are properly equipped and delivers the assurance of fire safety, and we shoulder the responsibility of ensuring your establishment is not only equipped for emergencies but also genuinely inclusive and accessible for every individual.

Our comprehensive and adaptive five-step plan is the first step and includes site assessment, equipment selection, and tailored evacuation planning, leaving no stone unturned in safeguarding every occupant.

The Evaccess 5 Step Plan includes:

  • Consultation and Site Survey: We dive deep into understanding your building’s layout and identify potential mobility barriers.
  • PEEPS and GEEPS Online Training: We empower your team with essential safety principles through our comprehensive online courses.
  • Selection of the Right Unit: Identify the unit that perfectly aligns with your building’s requirements, ensuring optimal safety and evacuation.
  • Training to Use Units: We ensure your team is fully equipped to operate these units effectively and confidently.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Our commitment extends beyond installation, providing regular maintenance to keep your units in peak condition.

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 Safety is a journey, and with Evaccess, it’s a journey taken together.

Get In. Get Out. Together.


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